Day 76. Holy Hannah! You guys, we have come a long way. Just the other day Lindsay and I were talking about how our lives have changed, and in so many more ways than in our appearance. A noticeable change is in our cravings, before we would eat chips and cookies when a craving hit, now we crave juicy watermelon and tart raspberries; craving what we can’t have can be difficult but we know the payoff will be sweet. {I have not taken a “after” selfie for the purpose of this series, but if you are at all curious on how I’m looking these days you can see here, here, and here}

DIET UPDATE :: It’s been 2 weeks since I saw Dr. Natalie last and I was extremely interested to see how the inside of this little body is doing. Seeing how my water consumption is looking, retention, fat lost, muscle gained, so much I’m dying to know. After being hooked up and read it looks like I’m doing swimmingly. No really, everything is looking super positive and her only suggestion is to start a regular work-out routine to help with kicking my metabolism into high fear. I shall be taking care of it this week, finding a routine and getting started. As for the diet, no changes; stick with the alternating days. 

WEIGH IN :: I step on the scale and… *drum roll*… I see 166.8 lbs. This means I have lost a total of  27.7 lbs and only 22.3 lbs to go until I hit my 50 lb goal! CRAZY. It still seems surreal that I’ve lost THAT MUCH in such a short period of time. Yah for speedy results!

JOIN US :: The neat thing about this journey is it doesn’t matter how many days in we are, in a matter of 7 days after joining the diet we will all be on the same cruise phase, enjoying one day protein and one day veggies and protein. So you have no excuse not to start! Come’on, join us! Buy your books {here or here}, plan and pin your favorite recipes from our weight loss journey board {here}, menu plan your attack phase, ensure you visit the Dukan Diet website, usa or canada, {promocodes 15% off $100+ youcandukan15, or 5% off $50 youcandukan5}, and reach out to us letting us know you’re making a movement into health and happiness with us.

HASHTAG HANGOUT :: Don’t forget to tag your posts with #youcandukan, Lindsay and I would love to keep track of your journey, rooting for you along the way, giving you the support you need.


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