What I Wore: a vest of fur

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TOP h&m
VEST forever 21 {sold out; similar}
PANTS yoga jeans
HEADBAND lulu in the sky
SHOES old navy {similarsimilar}

You know when you wear something that just feels good, no matter if there is a mirror around or not. That’s this outfit for me. I know it doesn’t show off my curves or for that matter hug any of them, but it’s a feel good look; and these ensembles we need as woman. For I dressed for me when I woke up this morning, nobody else. The vest is beyond heavenly and with the added shoulder details, it maybe one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now. Don’t get me started on my smallĀ grand obsession with Yoga Jeans, they seriously are the best fitting jean I have ever slipped on {see them in white here}. So like I said, this morning, I dress for me and only me!

Do you dress for yourself? If not, you should!

PS: pretty sure it’s plain to see I love shopping online for affordable fashion, thanks to Before I Shop I can now shop online at some of my favorite retailers like Forever 21, H&M and Target and be promised I’m making the best decision and getting the best deals. With clothing reviews, sales and coupon codes collected all on one awesome site. Seriously a great place to go “before you shop”. I added a load of my reviews to help other’s make the best decision when shopping online, come take a peek.


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  1. Hi Tairalyn. Cute outfit. I had not heard of Before I Shop. I am going to have to check that out. Sounds like a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing.

    • It really is an awesome place to start Regina! I always look for coupon codes of deals of some sort before I press “purchase now”. This just takes out the guess work. Thanks for popping by and leaving some “comment love”.


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