What I Wore: Food Truck Fashions

TOP forever 21
DRESS sirens
PURSE fendi
NECKLACE suzy shier
SHOES sirens
LIPSTICK joe fresh {rose – matte}
Some of you knew in advance, as I blasted out to the world here, and here, that I was headed to the Night Market this past weekend. What better way to spend a Friday evening than with friends; shopping, people watching, and of course eating from Food Trucks. It was heavenly, really it was. I wore something comfortable, something I knew would bode well holding a baby on my hip, while eating and drinking with one free hand. Naturally I went with a Maxi, and spurced it up by throwing on a sparkling high-low mesh tee. 

Soon after we got there, Sammy saw and was pulled into buying a Dougie Dog, getting his dog from Dougie himself, however I myself was drawn less to the ball park staple and headed over to This Little Piggy for the best chicken tacos I’ve ever had {it’s really that simple}. 

I declared that my summer bucket list will consist of eating off of all 59 Food Trucks that Vancouver has to offer. Marking 2 off our list, I’d say we have some time to make up. A plan of attack is best to be made. Next Food Truck evening here is how it will be done. An appetizer from one truck, main course and beverage a second, and dessert from a third. If I want to hit up 59 trucks in the next 45 days I should get serious about it. How serious am I you wonder. I’m dead serious, so serious I downloaded the official Street Food App. This means I can track down any Food Truck as they move locations daily. #ThisIsSeriousBusiness

Anyone else Food Truck Feens? Who wouldn’t want to stand in a line 20 people deep, in the sweltering heat, then walking and eating, while dodging and weaving through people, their pets and strollers. I LOVE IT. I’m addicted. Who’s coming with me next?

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