What I Wore: Ladies who brunch…

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TOP target
SKIRT target
TIGHTS target
BOOTS gossip {similar here}
PURSE suzy shier
BELT target
NECKLACE aldo accessories
BRACELETS chapters
EARRINGS suzy shier
LIPSTICK nyx soft matte lip cream in “antwerp”

If only I could take you all on a behind the scenes look into these “what I wore” shoots. I swear, it’s a comedy show in itself. After getting home from brunch with some of my very favorite ladies, I felt rather cute, asked my pro-photographer husband to snap a few shots outside while Sofia was happily playing. OH! but of course, it could never go that smoothly, she’s 2, which means she MUST help. She first stood behind Sammy and made silly faces, to encourage me to smile for the photo. I wonder where she got that from*blushes* but then when she failed at getting the exact reaction she wanted from me, she decided to join in on the shots, showing me just how to pose. “like this, come down, hands on your knee”; while most will find this adorable, my first thought it exactly that, however the next is “holy crap! can you say controlling”. Next thing you know she is going to teach me how to cook, shoe me how to properly contour and give me tips on shaving my legs. I SWEAR!



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  1. Little Fashion Diva in Training!! I love your outfit and how you got most of it at Target, you’re so great at shopping, I on the other hand am really bad at it!

    Come check out the post on East Coast Creative today, they are predicting Design Trends and the “it” animal of 2014!!: )

  2. Both of you are just too cute!
    Love the outfit – shoes, necklace and skirt are to die for!

  3. Great pics. Many people can use better fashion sense, and you have good options for them.

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