What I Wore: Lumber Jack Sprat

Tunic: JoeFresh | Bottoms: H&M | Socks: Walmart {similar here} | Shoes: EMU c/o EMU Australia | Scarf: Gift {similar here} | Purse: Coach | Earrings: Gift

Photos by Erika Scott Photography


It’s finally that season again. The season for snuggling on the couch, too many cups of Chocolate Chai Tea, and Woolly Socks with Boots. If you are going to wear an over-sized comfortable boot, then let it be gorgeous. right? This is what I think at least. Pair these Valery Sheepskin Boots with Jeans, Tights, and even a sweet fall Sweater Dress. Skies the limits ladies. Make your own styles, wear what feels beautiful to you. What’s stopping you? 


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  1. You make fall look fabulous!! Rock it! 😉 Love that you are wearing your hubby’s socks! They are so cute on you! Love your dress…you look adorable! 😉

  2. Aw this is such an adorable look! I just want to curl up in a cashmere sweater, tights and thick socks and make some fancy warm drink I pinned on Pinterest! Need to get myself a pair of those socks for starters..


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