What I Wore: Over-Sized Knit Sweater

Shirt: Gift {similar here| Sweater: Forever 21 – SOLD OUT {similar here} | Pants: Forever 21 {here} 
Shoes: Bucco via Beyond the Rack | Purse: Nine West | Bracelet {right hand}: H&M | Bracelets {left hand}: Suzy Shier | Watch: Joe Fresh  


Winter is that season that allows us to be extra comfortable in our skin. Allows us to forget about the extra weight we have put on, allows us to be happy in the skin we are in, and allows us to do far too many things in a 24 hour period, without feeling the extra stress of people seeing our rolls, lumps, and bumps. I know all you ladies know what I mean, don’t pretend you don’t. I too worry far to much on what I look like in my clothing. This lovelies, is why I love Winter so much. Over-sized knit and cozy wool coats are here for the next 3 or 4 months, so go have fun. Layer your looks and be happy for the way you look today. Not for the body you dream or strive for. It’s time to let that all go… for we are starting a new year, which means we will promise to all be a little less hard on ourselves. DEAL?

PS: these boots… they have me thinking that maybe, just maybe – in a past life, I was a hardcore biker. I just love the way they slouch down my leg, and the noise they make as do my badass mama errands, I love them oh-so much,  almost sad, borderline obsessive. Don’t tell the husband. 


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  1. Look how fabulous you are… I need to start learning how to dress like you! Love the layering! xoxo

  2. Can I just say that the boots conjure up the same feelings in me. But my husband won’t care, so just leave them outside the door and I’ll swing by and pick them up, cuz they are SOOOOOOOOOO awesome.

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