WHAT I WORE: Party Dress

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DRESS eshakti
SHOES old navy {similar here & here}
SOCKS ebay
NECKLACE joe fresh {similar here}
BRACELETS joe fresh {similar here}
EARRINGS suzy shier
PURSE phillip lim for target

The proof is in the picture lovelies. Accessories are what make up your style; which proves fashion doesn’t need to be expensive.  Invest in pieces for your wardrobe that can be brought throughout each season, and shop afford-ably on trends, and accessories to take your look to a personal place of uber-style. Take some advice from the amazing Iris Apfel and layer up on your favorite jewels and don’t look back. Play with your accessories, do the opposite of what your grandmother might tell you and mix your classy pearls with your edgy golden spikes. Who ever said your style had to match the pages of VOGUE?!

I’d like to introduce you all to Little Miss Mama’s newest fashion series. All very similar to our traditional, well loved WHAT I WORE posts, however now we will focus on what really matters. How to live a chic life, without a Kardashian budget. I have dug deep, real deep, trying to figure out what I bring to the world of fashion blogging. What it is that I can do for my fashion-driven readers, to crave more style in their lives, helping with fashion inspiration and advice you can take into your very own wardrobes and actually use. What came to me was really quite simple, my obsession of accessories. Why?

a) it can be extremely affordable
b) you can play with pieces based on your mood; and
c) it takes an outfit to a level of style that no cardigan ever can

So lovelies, here is to a new series of weekly fashion inspiration, that will take your wardrobes to the next level of chic. Style has never been so affordable! Let’s all raise our glasses and toast to our afford-ably luxurious lives. *ting*


Illustrations by Click of a Mouse Designs


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  1. Love!! You look fabulous! I love everything, the dress, shoes, jewelry!

  2. Love the sleeve length, much nicer than the cap sleeve. Well done you!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this new look!!! Pat on the back, Mama! The illustrations are fantastic and I love the extra touch of the kitten =) I’ll have to check out the person who did the illustrations =)

  4. Congrats on the new series. I totally agree about accessories are a great way to make your outfit fabulous!!!!!



  5. Love the look and so nice to have inexpensive but great looking jewellery. Fun to see what you will wear next Miss Mamma

  6. Love your new series! Accessories definitely take an outfit to the next level! I remembered my DD commented how good I looked and the only difference was a pair of earrings!

    Keep up the good work Tairalyn!

  7. Thank you so much for linking up this week. See you next Thursday.



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