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SHIRT over the loom
VEST old navy
LEGGINGS joe fresh
SHOES over the loom

Another day another adorable outfit. It’s the way we like to live over here at our house. Sleep, wake, slip into some of our most favorite ensembles. This; being one of them. Sofia loves sparkles just as much as the the next diva, and this shirt is by far one of her favorites. I think it’s obvious what she loves about it, but let me tell you what I think it fabulous about this 2 for 1 shirt. It comes apart and can be worn separately. You’d better believe this black crop top is coming out for next summer, and the striped tunic alone is just perfect for this Winter and a great transition into Spring. When a shirt can be worn in three different ways, solo and together, it’s a winner in my books.

…and these shoes. Don’t even get me started. Who here HATES laces? That’s what I thought, I heard an unanimous grunt over the web just now! I’ll take that as a YES, we hate laces. Well how about these bad boys that zipper up along the side. Yup. You betcha! I’m almost certain a mother of 4 designed these babies. Love them!

DON’T FORGET! Over the Loom is having a few sales right now. 70% off Mom and Bab and 30% off Joyfolie Shoes {with the exception of the Maci boots} using code JOYFOLIE30.
OH BUT WAIT! They also just brought on another incredible designer, Grace & Lace, which you may have seen this past week on Sharks Tank? Yup! Over the Loom is that quick; brought them on board, with both adult and babe boot socks before you could say “supercalafrag“… Okay! You get the idea, what I am getting at it Over the Loom is on the ball! They are also offering 10% off your Grace & Lace orders with the purchase of 2 or more socks, sounds like a perfect opportunity for mom and babe matching boot socks, wouldn’t you agree?


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