What’s in my Hospital Bag

My focus these days, purely involved what’s going in my hospital bag, and that’s it. I’m a little bit crazy when it comes to packing for events and trips and its proven to be worst apparently when I am planning ahead for a trip for a life changing event. 

I have researched Hospital Bag Contents, just as much as I have googled “what labor feels like”. I know other first time mother’s out there can vouch, this is a whole heck of a lot of research. So I think it’s fair to say that my list is fairly awesome when it comes to “mother of all lists” go…  I’m sure there are a few things that one might think are over-board, but hey – take from it what you will. 

I want to thank Sheri from Mommy Adventures that gave me a great list that she made after her experiences, a great list that gave me a solid foot to start off. I then filled in the blanks as my mind wandered and thought things like “what if this happens”. So please, copy and paste away, make sure you have everything you may or may not need during your hospital visit. 



Swimming Suit
for if and when you hop into the shower or bath during labor and want to carry any sort of dignity. Some people this doesn’t phase them, however in my mind – I’d lik to be able to look into the eyes of the Doctors and Nurses or heaven forbid any passers-by and not turn a hue of pink. 

Hair Tie/Clips

Baggy T-Shirt or Robefor anyone who’s skin is not complimented by the baby blue Hospital Gowns they supply. Or of course anyone who would rather roam the halls in comfort knowing you ass isn’t being presented to the world.

Snacksto my knowledge this is not supplied by the Hospital, so all those yummy Gummy Bears and Chips that you and your partner are going to want at the oddest hours you will need to pack yourself. 

Change of Clothes for your Birth Partnerapparently birth, it can get messy. So they are going to want a change of clothing.

Soothing Musicfor all I have heard/seen, most hospitals allow you to bring in your own music. Download what you want for Pre and Post Birth and burn it onto a CD to play while your there. In my case I will be downloading it onto an iPod and bring a docking station with us.

TENS Machine
Sheri tells us this is BRILLIANT and to make sure we bring extra batteries. Its
for natural pain relief and after sum research, I found these are available for Rent or Purchase locally. Check with your doctor for locations or a Physio Therapist they will be your best bet to find one. 

Coffee/Vending Machine Change

Gatorade or similar

Face Wipeswhy leave you bed to wash your face, when you can do it from where you are standing, sitting, laying…. pushing?

Spray Bottleif you are delivering sometime during the summer month, this might be very nice to have your partner spray on you during while your in the midst of hard labor.

Yoga Mat If you end up on the floor, this might be very nice to have – your knees will thank you later. Your hospital might supply one or something similar in the case. But its best to be safe than sorry. 

Camera and/or Video Cameramake sure you bring extra batteries or a battery charger with you for the situation where either die on you if your baby batts another eye or flinches, Heaven forbid you miss it.  Don’t have a video camera and at the last minute you panic, like me. Get a Flip UltraHD between $80 and $100 you can’t go wrong! Review to come soon… 

Birth Aids not supplied by Hospital – Essentials Oils or anything else you have decided to use. 

Reading Materialboth for you and your Birth Partner, who knows… I hear some people have a relaxing Birth, those of which usually start with an epidural. 

Baby Bookif you have been keeping a Baby Book up to date, bring it with you and very neat idea I heard is when the baby is born and they do the feet prints with ink, have them also print your Baby Book… a fun little addition for your book that will last forever. 

Medical History {Including Blood Type} – this suggestion was made by my sister and very important. Records or knowledge of your blood type, medical history including any diagnosed ailments like Strep B or Gestational Diabetes. In case you arrive in a panic and they are not able to find your information fast enough, or in my sisters case they loose it – you will have enough information to get them started and either hooked up to the appropriate IV or supplied the proper antibiotics. 

Hospital Stay

Night Gowngive yourself some comfort from home, bring a nighty that you can roam the halls in and breastfeed in comfort and ease in. 

Bath Robeeasy to get in and out of and also fabulous to breastfeed in without exposing yourself more than you already have the last 24 hours. 

Slippers or UGG Boots – again, roam the halls in – in comfort.

Comfortable Pajamas

Padshospitals here don’t supply feminine products, so be sure to bring your own. Apparently things can get bloody and having this will help from having to change not only yourself but the bed every hour. 

Breast Pads

Nipple CreamI am not one to say as I have never gone through it, but I am pretty sure their isn’t one women out there that wouldn’t do anything for some relief after the first 24 hours of breastfeeding. After all my research I have found many companies that sell a product for this exact reason however I personally have purchased, and chose to use Lansinoh.

Toiletries {for both you and your Birth Partner} – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Face Wash, Face Cream,  Deodorant, Shampoo and Conditioner.

Make Upif you plan on having any company while you are staying at the hospital, this might be a nice little perk to have. 

Maternity BrasI’ve been told you will want a sleeping Maternity Bra and a regular Maternity Bra and Sheri tells us to avoid at any cost a Bra with Lace interior. Your nipples are sore enough the last thing you need is putting pretty sand paper on them.

Ear Plugs & Sleeping Maskin case you get a shared room, ear plugs could be your partners savior. Sheri suggests also a Sleeping Mask as if you are in a shared room, lights will be going on and off all night with nurses coming in to check on everyone. 

Underware {lots of it} – Sheri from Mommy Adventures tells us that we will go thru underwear like we go through crappy chewing gum. So bring lots of pairs, and may I suggest they be ones you can throw out and in a perfect world, let them all be black – what we can’t see, can’t gross us out… right?

Departure Outfitso I hear you are about the same size at 8 month as you will be leaving the hospital. Make sure whatever you bring to leave the hospital is based on comfort and weather, depending on what season you deliver in. 

Tummy Cream/OilsBio-Oil, Palmers Cream, Firming Gels anything that you have researched and chosen to use, if any. 

Tummy Compression Bands {Belly Bandit} – of course this all needs to be ok’d by your doctors and nurses at the hospital however if you are chosing to wear a compression band after delivery make sure you bring it in your bag. Starting right away is best. I have chosen the Belly Bandit – watch out for a review on that ladies. 

Family Notifying Lista list of all you want to call or e-mail after the baby is born. Heaven forbid you forget about your neighbors dog walker. Make sure you bring her number and don’t worry yourself about going by memory. 

Laptop – you may want to check your Hospital provides their patients with WIFI, otherwise this could be dead weight in your bag. 

Locker Lockour Hospital has advised us that if we are not as lucky and don’t end up with a private room, our shared room will have lockers that we can use for all our stuff including valuables.  

Wash Baga bag to put any dirty clothing that you are going to want to throw into the wash the moment you get home

Note Pad w/ Pen or Pencilnurses and doctors are going to be throwing new information your way by the minute, so I was told on our hospital walk-through. I’m thinking my baby brain is not going to be able to handle it all, perfect task for your partner to do and help you both in the days coming solo at home. 

Sleeping & Breastfeeding Track Formsthanks to “the bump” who came out with some fabulous parenting tools, this may be one of the things that I mentioned was “overboard” but if you are like me, you’ll want these printed by your bedside to get a handle on your new lives main tasks. I’m also thinking this would be a nice thing for your partner to be apart of and do for you. Print the Sleep Tracker and Breastfeeding Log here.


Diapers & Wipesour Hospitals here supply the first day or diapers however you are required to provide the rest. I don’t even know where to start on how many to bring, but I am starting with 10 and if push comes to shove I am sure your partner can run out and grab more.

Sleepers & OnsiesI am merely guessing but unless you know exactly the size of your baby your going to want to bring a few sizes and a few kinds to make sure you have your big or tiny baby bum covered.


HatSheri tells us that their wee little head could get cold and its best to keep it covered. Most hospitals provide you with a hat, however we say why not start the babies off in style from day 1? Get something adorable that makes you smile…. why not, it’s only a matter of time that they are going to want to dress themselves.

Departure Outfit

Blankets and/or Swaddling Blanketsmy research shows that you should bring quite a few. Our Hospital has said that you will need at least two for stuffing in with your car seat to make sure they are snug upon their first car ride. So my guess is bring 4 or 5.

Car Seat


Vitamin Ddropsif you plan or have planned on breastfeeding my dietitian has highly recommended getting Vitamin-D Drops for the baby. If you are feeding the baby with formula, their is enough added however Breast Milk doesn’t. I picked mine up at Babies R’ Us as it was most affordable there however its also available at Shoppers Drug Mart. 


Now just to conclude, I will be re-visiting this post after Sofia Marie is born and update on what was and wasn’t needed and of course if I missed anything and poor Sammy had to run out at the last minute to purchase.

I hope this helps other first time Mama’s out there. I know that having my bag about 75% packed it makes me feel a lot more at ease with this whole “birth” thing – I hear it can be a wee bit uncomfortable and some may even say painful…. only kidding!


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  1. My bag was left in the car…I was 8cm when we left the house and that was the last thing on my mind once we arrived at the hospital. BUT another good thing to have is a hand massager incase you are one with back labour. I wasn’t and didn’t need it but I know many that found that useful. As well as “Magic Bags” since most hospitals won’t allow hot water bottles they do all have microwaves in the halls.

    Make sure your pads are the huge ones. The hospital does provide you with some because they have to have them on hand for those emergency situations. But you’ll need lots.

    Unless they took imprints of Annabelle’s feet while I was in the shower (haha) they don’t do that in Canada. I think that’s part of a program? I don’t know…haven’t researched it. I just know it wasn’t done for Annabelle.

    I did have a good laugh at the bathing suit comment…I know I found that on a list for the husband to have too if they are to get in the shower to help us(again we had no time to go anywhere but the bed to push) but you won’t blush…you’ll be way past that…the thought to blush won’t cross your mind.

  2. For me, my boppy pillow was very important. It helped me nurse and get the right position for my daughter right from the get-go. Also, you’ll want industrial sized sanitary towels. Get the night-time ones with wings. You’ll need a lot of them for the first couple of days.

    Lansinoh is fabulous brand for cream. They also make awesome breast pads. Those were a life-saver for me (but more once we got home after my milk really came in). On the bras- I liked the underwired ones with clips for nursing for during the day, but I had a sports bra type one for night time. You need something that will hold the breast pads in, but you don’t want the clips and wire digging into you at night (but they are useful during the day).

    One other thing that is really cute to do is have the Dad wear a plain white shirt and when they take the baby foot prints, they do it on Dad’s shirt too (while he’s wearing it). It’s a really neat keepsake.

    Incidentally on the car seat- your baby should be able to fit properly without blankets to “snug them in” Most have a newborn insert and that’s worth having as it will perform the same function as you’ve heard about the blankets. If you need blankets to get the car seat to fit properly, you likely have it adjusted incorrectly. However, the nurses will typically help you adjust it for your child before you leave your room.

  3. Wow Fabulous comments Lara and Lissa! Thank you so much for your input.

    Lara I have added the back massager and magic bag to the list 🙂 Sounds like a great idea… they have both made it to my shopping list for the week too 🙂

    Lissa – I’m so glad to get your input with so much on my list. I have a Pregnancy Pillow at home that they say can be used for breastfeeding so I will be sure to bring this along {adding it to the list}. I’m still in the midst of getting my Maternity and Nursing Bra’s but have both found an underwire and a sport type bra for sleeping. Glad I had the right idea.
    Such a cute idea about the feet on Daddy shirt… Lara has advised they probably dont do foot prints in British Columbia Hospitals so I will have to pack for it HOPING, however only my fingers are crossed.

    As for the Blankets and the car seat our Hospital will not allow those that you can buy to swaddle the baby in her car seat if she is too small – they will ONLY allow nursing blankets rolled up. We did our hospital walk through and we were just as surprised.

    I thank you both for all your input!!!
    Can’t wait for d-day and to put everything to good use.


  4. And you really should check out: Dress to Delivery. They make gorgeous birthing gowns so you don’t have to do the baggy shirt or robe thing. Maybe you can order one in time for your big day. HIGHLY recommended as it make me feel normal!

  5. You are SO prepared!! This is my second, but I haven’t prepared at all like my first. PLUS adding a move and building a house right before this baby is born and things get crazy!

    To be on the safe side, I would just bring a pack of diapers– newborns go all.the.time!

    Stopping by from Baby Gator’s Den. REALLY cute blog btw 🙂

  6. I think more information about this hospital bag

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