Where do I blog?

So glad you asked that…

I blog everywhere – unlike Sam I am who “will not eat green eggs and ham, he will not eat them Sam I am”. I will Blog wherever someone will let me place my tushie with laptop. I find myself mostly Blogging at home on our big comfy couch, or else at work…where they pay me to answer phones, giving superior customer service… did I mentioned how great of a multi-tasker I am?

{i sit like this when i have writers block – *teehee* – my life is so glamorous}

Why am I telling you this? Well that’s because The Blog Guidebook is hosting a Linky Party. Post your Link, share your Blogging Space, and start hoping from Blog to Blog, seeing where everyone else Blog in their under-roos! It just hit me, this is why I got kicked out of the last Starbucks….MUST WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING!

Stop on by The Blog Guidebook and show some love!


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  1. I am happy to be a new follower of your cute blog.
    You’re one step closer to your 50th follower.

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