Whistler here we come…

Heading to Whistler this weekend and just can’t seem to hold in the excitement. Sammy and I go each and every year usually about 1 week before Christmas. With the Village packed solid with people, the mountains with a fresh blanket of snow and Christmas Lights on every lamp post, tree and balcony. Sammy and I have made a tradition out of it through out our relationship and we feel its even more important now to keep it going now with Miss Sofia Marie in our lives. Its so magical there, especially at this time of year – we just know even though she wont remember it this year that she will love it come the years ahead. 

Found some pictures from our 2007 trip that might keep me up all night with excitement. I do not believe the snow will be this fabulous when we get there tomorrow – however it will be packed with people, and Starbucks will still be serving their Seasonal Beverages. Just enough to make it feel this wintry for me.  

What traditions do you have for the Holidays? I’d love to hear them… and maybe even adopt some with the new babes around. I am all about starting traditions and making each any every Christmas a cozy lifetime memory.



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  1. hey babe!!! I love your new blog.. its gorgeous.. and your photos are all so great.. you are looking totally awesome.. and doing great with your fitness/health goals also!! I am so proud of you!!!

    I’m going to be over in Van in a few weeks for work, maybe we could grabba tea or coffee? will email details… xoxo Jodi

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