Why can’t we just all get along?

I saw this for the first time yesterday, and to say it hit me hard is a serious understatement. Why was this 2 minutes and 38 seconds different? It was really no change from any other viral video put out by some major cooperation about world love, acceptance, and just being straight up kind to one another? Or was it? The kind of belittling and “my way or no way” beliefs us mothers have is something that goes on everywhere. From judgement, to anger, jealously, and frustration, all over something that we have absolutely no right in controlling; others parenting beliefs.

Once you become a mother, many things change besides the obvious. A woman’s identity changes drastically, you once called yourself a event planner, a hair stylist, a chef, a business woman, all these things get put aside for a role that literally cries for your attention. All of your passions, and your only known skills are tossed aside, aside for one day when you hopefully get the chance to reconnect, and allow yourself to find them again. We all do this without any form of hesitation, because why wouldn’t we. Within this journey we all take different routes, routes that feel right for us in our hearts. Yet a once chef turned stay-at-home mom thinks she can judge that once hairstylist for going back to work full-time and paying for childcare. Why?

As much as I wished this statement was untrue, every single mother goes through this. I would LOVE for someone who felt no judgement, no guilt, no failure choosing the direction they chose to traveled to come forward. PROVE ME WRONG, I would love nothing more than this, but I highly doubt this is the case. I hope that this opens all our eyes to finally understanding that it’s okay to not walk the same path as the next mothers has. It’s not easy to be a stay-at-home mom, nor is it easy for the working mom, a single parent, or any kind of mother for that matter. If we can all agree it’s a tough yet oh-so-rewarding journey, then why can’t we be supportive of one another?


TELL ME, why do you think we all have such difficulties getting along? Why we pass judgement so quickly, why we always think we are being scorned for the way “we do things”. Why?

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