Word Find… that describes YOU!

Looks like your going to need to update your resume, the first 3 words you find best describes you personally…so they say. If this is true, then you are looking at a Bad, but Funny Whore. Yeah, that’s right a deadly combo that is bound to go places. Watch out world this Bad Whore is going to make you laugh until you pee your pants! And that’s a promise!

Thanks to Delighted Momma, who posted this on her Blog, I now know my true colors! I don’t feel too upset about my new traits, she adopted 3 fabulous character personalities that were just as good, sex, door and peep!

What did you all find?Ā 


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  1. Apparently I’m Fat, Bad and Funny! Learn something new everyday haha

  2. beautiful, whore and sad…. lol

  3. AHAHAHAHA!! my first one was Epic ….

  4. lovely, beautiful, sap LOL!!

  5. Well, I have now come to the realization that I am a fat, broken whore. At least some people got at least one nice word!! hahahah. This is ridiculous

  6. this was cool. i found beautiful, lovely, and broken {???} not too sure about the last one. haha!

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