{WORDLESS} Wednesday

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//nearly wordless wednesday…

it’s been a while since we had a wordless wednesday on ‘le blog’ and no better time than now, when i realize at midnight i still have work to do and the night if far from young. if you follow us via instagram you will have known that we were on vacation this past weekend in whistler. we try and get there 3 or 4 times a year, with one of them being the closest to christmas that we can afford {think disneyland in august, winter is their busy season}. we enjoyed the weekend at the aava hotel as a big ‘ol group of us, 8 adults and 4 kids, of course all in separate rooms {for the love of god}. we spent our days sleeping in, shopping the village, eating out, playing at the park, and always, always with a starbucks in hand. it was family time away that we thoroughly enjoyed. sunday evening when we got home, sammy popped out to run some errands while i unpacked the house; literally I packed the entire house {anyone else do that}. when he returned he had $15 in hand from returning recycled cans, as he passed it to sofia and told her to put it in her piggy bank, she replied, is this enough to go back to whistler now? i wish bubba’, i wish…

stayed at: aava hotel
ate at: old spaghetti factory, earlsdubh linn gate, brewhouse
shopped at: the great glass elevator, the gap, mccoo’s, ruby tuesday, pandora


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