WORK LIFE BALANCE; how do you manage?

I’ve never claimed to know of a special formula, nor would you ever catch me in a super hero cape, I am by no means that woman who seems to always have it together. I forget field trip forms, I run out of milk, I often dry off from a shower with a face cloth, and almost always leave the front door in a frazzled rush; I’m a woman that wears many hats; and I know I am not alone.

I wish I could be totally and completely organized to the point where I can bubble bath in peace knowing I did everything I needed in the day. You know the feeling, your “to do” list is longer than your Christmas wish list and literally continues to grow through out the day; as you scratch a task off 2 more are added to the bottom. STOP THE MADDNESS! Tell me somebody out there has a formula they can share, something that helps them organize their busy lives. I find it almost comical that I used to organize others for a living, and I rocked at it {if I do say so myself}, but when it comes to my life as a working mama, I seem to always feel like I could be better organized. Anyone else feel like that? What do you do to keep your days organized? To feel accomplished, to ensure you don’t miss your child’s birthday, heck even your own birthday?! I’d like to know.

Organizers are great, like genius actually, but honestly I haven’t found one I just LOVE yet. Every year I try a new one and hope that it will keep me feeling like super-woman but nothing has given me the cape or leotard just yet. Have you had great success with a planner or organizer you’ve used to juggle life? I’d love to hear about it, or is there a great resource that you’ve found that has helped you manage your work/life schedule? Enough with hiding it, it’s time to share!


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