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It’s true, we’re bringing our crazy lives to youtube!

It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but the thought of adding more to my already overflowing plate sounded just chaotic… so instead I sat back waited until I had a brand new baby and even more on my plate then I decided nows the time to dive into our youtube channel. No time will ever be perfect, this I know, I’ve just been feeling like I’ve missed sharing so many amazing moments in our lives that I would’ve loved to have caught on camera. I wait no more, miss no more memorable moments, for there is no time like the present. I welcome you to our youtube channel, Delightful Chaos by Little Miss Mama

>> first, and most importantly, I’m doing it for Sofia and Stella. I look at all the youtube families we follow, those that vlog regularly and all I catch myself saying is “I wish I had this for the girls”. I wish I had all our moments, big and small caught on camera, edited into a little story for the girls to one day sit down watch and reminisce over. I LOVE home movies, I used to have my mom pull out home videos on betamax when I was home sick from school (you guys remember those?),  I would watch family videos all day long, no cartoon or friends episode would ever win over old home videos. I want this for my girls! 

>> my intentions are to start slow, 1 vlog a week. Get the hang of the whole selfie video’ing technique and tackle the hours of evening editing (because sleep is for the weak), but once I have that down to a science I hope to do it more often.


I hope you guys enjoy it and welcome us into your homes… or rather onto your TV’s. Subscribe to our channel now and be sure not to miss an episode of our delightfully chaotic lives. 



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