150 Followers Goal GIVEAWAY

{Photo Credit: www.weheartit.com}

I’m am beyond happy to announce that we have met, and exceeded the Goal of 50 Followers by 1. As promised a Giveaway is brewing as we speak…. so get your patients panties on and I will get it together this weekend and up next week. 

However that brings us to our next goal. If your not reaching ahead, your legging behind… right?! Let’s make our next next goal 150 and we will make the Giveaway that much bigger than our first. Spread the Little Mama Love to all that you’d think would enjoy it. By this I mean everyone, really who wouldn’t want a some Little Miss Mama in their life?

Don’t forget you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter….yea that’s right, we can pretty much spend 24 hour a day together via social media. SO. MUCH. FUN.


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