I shop all too often, considering how much I loathe getting mail from my friends Mastercard & Visa. 
I sip, pinkys up,  from Fine-China that is far older than the Queen.
I daydream of a closet filled with Chanel and Alexander McQueen – for now I will DIY my way there. 
I’m a new first time Mommy of a beautiful baby girl, who somehow has more clothing than me. 

My name is Tairalyn and I love everything pretty! Sounds like I’m at some sort of SA Meeting {Shopping Anonymous}. My husband probably wishes their was such thing. I post daily over at my Blog, Little Miss Mama. A personal Style Blog with lots of Fashion DIY Projects, Baking Tutorials, Tea Reviews and of course my humorous life put under a microscope. I’d love for you to come on by, I promise the Tea is always served hot and Cupcakes are served at a 50/50ratio of Cake to Icing. 


Saw a pair of shoes that I just loved over at Ashbury Skies, however it was one of those pairs that you may only strut in a few times a year, if that. They are fun, fabulous and who doesn’t love the idea of a Shoe covered in Sparkling Gems. I had a pair of black leather wedges kicking around that were screaming to be used…. after completing my DIY, they told me they had never been so happy.



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