Am I Vancouver’s TOP Mama Blogger?

I’ve been so lucky to grace the list of Vancouver’s Top 30 Mama Bloggers. Seriously since the list was compiled and released, I have been on cloud 9. What an honor to be on the list with so many amazing influential women in our city. I couldn’t be more happier for all us who have put so much love and hard worked to get to where we are today as bloggers. 

I have been asking nicely {aka hassling} all of you on Facebook and Twitter to please oh please, with a cherry on top, go and vote for me. It takes a mere 10 seconds – maybe 25 seconds until you scroll to find my name…. but that’s nothing! Right? This is the last 24 hours the votes run for and I would love to give it a last “kick at the can” attempt to get in anyone who has yet to vote. 

So please, oh please, with a red juicy cherry on top – can you head on over to and vote Tairalyn Ciulla, Little Miss Mama {you can find me 6th from the bottom of the voting list}. I don’t think you have ANY idea how much this would mean to me if I came out on top. Oh wow! I would be happier than a clam. I can tell you that much. 

Thank you all in advance – I have such amazing FANS and FOLLOWERS, you are all so damn lovely. 

PS: Was funny, had someone ask me the other day, “how much time do you actually put in each day on your Blog”…. I replied “you know I’m on it everyday for about 6 or 7 hours in total”. Wow – That’s more than a full-time job. Good thing I love doing it so much. Or I would have told my boss off a LONG time ago. 


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  1. Voted for you! 🙂 Well deserved!


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