…and then you were one

It’s 10:07pm, the night before your FIRST BIRTHDAY and here we are, your dad and I building your gift for the big surprise tomorrow. The screws on the wheels of your walker need to be tightened to “slow your roll” and while I reach for a butter knife, dad lets out his famous HUFF and makes the long walk downstairs to the tool kit to get the screw driver. We contemplated holding off on giving it to you first thing as dad won’t be home until dinner, but I just can’t let go of the tradition that my babies wake up to some birthday love, waiting for them at the end of the hallway.  

OH BABY STELLA! How time has flown. I blame your dad, the one who wished for the first year to soar past us at top speeds, he’s not one for sleepless nights, confusing baby cries and the first year of doctors visits. Not that I am either, but what you’ve given us the last 365 days has us feeling ALL THE LOVE. Currently your inside voice is my favorite, next to your frustration fists and body shakes always quickly followed by those adorable giggles. Oh Stella Grace how we love you and your big personality so.

Our lives will never be the same… and THANK GOD FOR THAT!


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