Our Annual Outdoor Movie Night {Disaster Strikes}

((check out the full vlog at the link below))

Our annual Summer Outdoor Movie Night has come and gone, and of all things that I forget, and am forced on on THE DAY to hunt down… GOODNESS ME! Let’s just say I had a lot on my plate, deal?! 

The guest count was HIGH and so were the expectations, the ones I had put out for myself of course. I for some ludacrious reason think each year should top the last, because I like to torture myself that’s why. I made sure to keep my promise to Sofia and play the Trolls movie, but not to Sammy (don’t let the guest list get ‘outta hand, m-kay?). The night went off with only a few hitches, but I would say 2017’s Summer Outdoor Movie Night will be one that goes down in the memory books!

CHECK IT OUT HERE>> Outdoor Movie Night – DIY Disaster {vlog 014}

…and should you feel so inclined, check out the previous year here>> DIY Backyard Outdoor Movie Night 
OH BUT WAIT, we also did one for Sofia’s Birthday last year too, check it out>> Puppy Adoption Movie Night 

I guess you could say Outdoor Movie Nights are sorta’ our JAM!


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