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You know a few weeks back when I was stumped over the naked walls in Sofia’s bedroom {here is a little reminder}? Well although I couldn’t agree more in thinking that this is the most affordable and easiest ways to get art on your walls; I’m not going to lie, I do often search out places online that might be able to offer me a lot more than images from the pages of Dr. Suess. Did you know there are actual places online that do offer options in affordable art? Places like etsy, ebay, beyond the rack, hautelook, amazon and at saatchi? These many different places online are offering up outlets to search not only in the comfort of our own home, but without any pressure. Simply taking our time to shop for the pieces that speak to us that are within our budgets.

What one wall in your house right now feels naked? A wall that you wished you could find the perfect print for?

I think if I had more real estate in my kitchen, I would love to cover it with tea inspired images. As most of you know my small obsession with the leaf, I just feel like Tea makes everything better, and so would some tea inspired images plastered all over my non-existent kitchen walls.

I’m happy to learn that there are places online that we can go to that provide us art to taste with our budgets in mind.


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