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I like to sleep next to her, without having to sleep in her crib. 
I like to have my eye on her at any given moment, but also giving her space.
and I can with a video baby monitor.

 Why steer away from a brand you love and trust between kids, right? When we were on the hunt for a baby monitor for Stella I did search around to see what was new on the market, but at the end of the day I knew I would end up with a Levana Baby Monitor. We had one with Sofia, we bought ones for our friends who were expecting, and now it only makes sense we have one for Stella. This time around we chose the Willow Video Baby Monitor;  

>>Willow Video Baby Monitor by Levana<<

Introducing Willow with Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Levana’s 5” touch screen monitor. Willow will quickly become part of the family with 12 hour battery life, temperature sensors, feeding timers, lullabies and an easy to use icon based menu. When your baby is peacefully sleeping, we believe you should be able to do more while worrying less.


The Willow Baby Monitor has so many features, but some of our very favorite are 5″ touch-screen monitor (bigger is better when it comes to baby monitors), the 2-way communication allowing you to talk to baby without going into the room (sometimes all she needs is to hear our voice). The room temperature sensor, especially during the hot Summer months or on the reverse the frigid Winter storms that pass through here in Vancouver. It’s nice to have a feature that will notify you if it goes above or below a temperature you’re comfortable with. 

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Another SUPER RAD feature that we love, but have yet to actually use, is the split screen monitoring. We’ve always said it would be nice to have a few monitors put up around our home and have access to watching if we need. Like Sofia’s bedroom (even though she is 5 for the times that she is ill it would give us some peace of mind), their playhouse outside, the backyard, and even one in the basement playroom. The monitor can actually add up to 4 camera’s on the one unit with a split screen feature to watch all at once if you so choose. THAT FEATURE alone for me was a selling point, especially considering the use we could potentially get out of it in the future. I mean once it’s done doing it’s job monitoring the babies while they sleep, then what?! This feature is probably my favorite.

Our video baby monitor for us, does so much more than just watch our babies, it gives us peace of mind, a restful sleep and above all a sense of closeness with our babies each and every night.  



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Disclosure: We received a video baby monitor from Levana for review, but as always the opinions made are my own. We purchased and owned a Levana monitor back in 2011 and therefore a collaboration between ourselves made perfect sense. So pleased that we got to work with a company we love and stand behind.  


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