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Today’s Back-to-School Series is brought to you by Little Miss Mama and Closet Collabo

We all know that back-to-school not only means a top-up of all our babes school supplies, but also their closets; depending how old your children are, will determine the personal importance of what’s hanging from their closest this year. Clothing for me was extremely important, I felt like I could be heard through my style, when sometimes words were not exchanged. I loved putting together ensembles and mixing styles one might not traditionally do, it felt good and most importantly gave me confidence.

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Shopping for clothing online or instore can easily put a dent in anyone’s bank account, especially when the purpose if finding clothing that will last. Choosing the right pieces that can easily be mixed, and matched, as well as a quality that will take you the whole year through is not easy. This is exactly why companies like Closet Collabo come into play.


I am a stay at home mom with a limited income and a love of fashion.  In the past I have always cleaned out my closet and given garbage bags of perfectly good clothing, some with the tags still on to my friends.  One day while doing this I thought; why not turn my passion into a business! I invited all my friends over for a clothing exchange and priced the items out.  Whatever didn’t sell when to Goodwill.  Everyone won.

Then as Oprah would say, I had an ‘Aha moment!’  How many times have I gone on an American or European online consignment store, found the bag of my dreams, gone through all the checkout process, only to be devastated to find out that they don’t ship to Canada!  I would picture my beautiful bag on the arm of someone else.  Why not create my own online consignment store! I have nice clothes, my sister has GREAT clothes, and how hard could it be?  It was hard, but extremely rewarding.   Now my site,, is up and running. I know times are tough, so who wouldn’t want to add Céline, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Alexander Wang, Chloé, Fendi, and so many more designers to their closets at discounted prices.

If you have items you would like to sell, we make consigning easy for all our customers.  Simply email me images of the items you would like to sell.  Preapproval makes it easier for everyone and ensures that only top quality items are sold on the site.  Then I just take down your info and the dimensions, including weight of the box you are going to send and I email you a prepaid shipping label. All you have to do is walk on down to Canada Post and drop of the package.   Once I receive your items I will confirm the selling price and you will keep 80% of the profit (A lot more than some other consignment stores… I’m just saying).  Next, a professional photographer will take pictures of your items and then they are posted to the site.  I advertise and promote all items on social media.  Once your item sells I email you the money.

Our goal is to make sure that every women opens her closet and loves what she see’s.  Not only because they are quality items, but also because she got them at amazing prices.

Fear no designer-loving child of yours, Closet Collabo to the rescue. I’ve put together a few amazing pieces that they are featuring on their site currently, most running 60% off what they would normally sell for brand new, and some still with tags. Everyone wins when you shop with Closet Collabo.


DEAL TIME // The people over at Closet Collabo have been gracious enough to share a promocode with us today; head over now and use code BACKTOSCHOOL to get an additional 20% discount on your purchases with them.

Do you have any designer loving babes living in your home; and have you even shopped consignment online before? Head over to Closet Collabo now and start shipping for yourself, I mean for your childrens’ back-to-school needs!

Disclosure :: I received compensation to facilitate my feature, however all opinions are my own.


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