Battle Baby Bulge: Week 1

The 9 months of growing this baby belly of mine has passed, 2 weeks post baby has flow by and I’m back down to my pre-baby weight, however the Baby Bulge has decided to hang-on for dear life. 

Fair? I think not!
It’s sorta like those people who don’t get that you are asking them to leave by showing them out. Simply making small talk as you verbally back them up against the door, passing them their shoes, repeating “it was really nice to see you again, we should do this again soon.”

After being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes
 in my 7th month of Pregnancy, I took a stance, right after I cried my eyes out {all news is served with a side of tears when your pregnant isn’t it}. I promised myself, I would change my lifestyle even after Sofia was born and the GD disappeared
. Losing the baby weight wasn’t just going to be for selfish reasonings, like fitting into my Yellow, Itty Bitty Ruffled Bikini, but for far better reasons. To be the healthiest I’ve ever been, physically and emotionally, to be a fabulous role model for Sofia and to live a long life along side my husband and Baby Girl. 

I have followed many weight-loss blogs over time and have grown obsessed with a few. I am inspired daily from these amazing individuals and its time I do something about it, let the inspiration take over my body and do good. Two of my all-time favorite weight-loss blogs are:

Funniest Weight-Loss Blog: Jack Sh*t Gettin’ Fit
Most Inspiring Weight-Loss Blog: Sheryl Yvette

I’ve looked forward to the start of this journey for quite sometime…. I did reach out on Little Miss Mama’s Facebook Fan Page last week, to see if any other’s wanted to join me in making this life change, and Miss Kaitlin from Kait’s Life has “hopped on board”. If you’d like to join us, pop me and e-mail and I will fill you in on the fun {} 

Meet Kaitlin and listen to her reasoning behind joining “Battle Baby Bulge”:
Hi there, I’m Kait, wife to my HotBabyDaddy and Mama to two amazing boys (Little T is 17months and Baby A is 15days old)! They (the boys) are the reason I am here… well technically I’m the reason I’m here. I’m here because I need to get in shape, I need to do it for my boys. For my husband. But mainly I need to do it for myself. All my life I’ve always been blessed with being thin, that is until I lost all self control and gained 65lbs while pregnant with Little T. To make matters (and my self esteem) worse I never lost all of the pregnancy weight before I got pregnant again. Thankfully this time I only gained 24lbs (mainly due to craving fruits instead of cheese cake!). My goal isn’t to become a certain size, it’s to be healthy, happy and confidant in my body. Come visit me on my Blog, Kait’s Life, and follow my Journey.

Eat Healthier, Be Active and Love yourself just the way you are!

At my THICKEST: Weighting the largest I have ever been during my Pregnancy at 220lbs,  I was terrified that I would balloon and have great difficulties in getting into shape after Sofia was born. Upset with what the scale had to show me, I was even more baffled at how walking the neighborhood became a task I dreaded with the additional 20lbs of baby. 
Prior to being pregnant my largest scale reading was 202lbs {as you see in 2 out of the 3 picture above}.  I vow to never see the number 2 ever again when it comes to the starting digit of my weight. NEVER!

At my THINNEST: Weighting 168lbs at my smallest, was thanks to hard work, dedication and a diet that I absolutely hated. Then again can anyone tell me a diet they actually enjoyed? It was called Sureslim, and it banked its rapid weight loss success on a strict Menu and only eating every 5 hours {3 meals a day} with absolutely no snacking in between, except water *Oh Yippee*. Even though it worked, and had me smiling from ear to ear when I looked in the mirror – I just despised what I had to do daily when it came to eats. I knew this wouldn’t be a forever change in my life, and it was a matter of time when the band wagon would stop, let me off, and I’d be back at reading 200lbs on the dreaded scale.

My goals for “Battle Baby Bulge” are the following

Weight: I will weight 150lbs {or less} by my 29th Birthday, August 11th
Active: I will extend my present consecutive running time from 30 seconds to 30 minutes by August
Beauty: I will look in the mirror each morning and love what I see

Week 1 
Goal: Walk 5km within the week

Weight: 197.4lbs 

Waist: 36″
Hips: 47″

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  1. You are going to do great! You have a clear goal in mind. I wish you luck! You can do it!

  2. Thank you Lindsay! It means a lot to see others backing us up!


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  4. Get it girl! The power of a mother is great! Your motivation will far surpass anything when you look into your little girls eyes! You got this!

  5. great job! I just started a weight loss blog too but so far my goals are just food related. my husband and i are on weight watchers 🙂

  6. Thanks Jen and Allyssa for the comments!!!
    Jen its so true…. The power of a Mama is beyond amazing…. I’m so excited to be tackling this at this point in my life.

    Allyssa…. congrats and good luck on your journey. Weight Watchers eh’ – I’m not going to lie, I loved their recipes actually…. I would love to pop by your site and get some inspiration.


  7. You and I are built in very similar ways, One thing I have a problem with when working out regularly is weight GAIN… I gain muscle very easily… I started dating Ryan a year ago at 163, and not am 182, but have not changed in size… I am actually more toned. I lost weight in fat and gained plenty in muscle, so If you don’t see a large result on the scale, don’t get discouraged. Its all about how you FEEL that is important.

  8. First off, it is quite evident that you are a beautiful woman at any size. The pictures above are proof.

    Second, I think you have a lovely and positive approach to this whole post-baby weight loss thing. I look forward to following you and you have inspired me. I currently weigh about the same amount I did when I was 33 weeks pregnant. With twins. Ack!

    It is time for me to be in better shape, so I have more energy to give to my daughters. I can’t wait to read about your journey and your words are certainly a step in the right direction for me. Thank you!

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