BEAUTY: Best Affordable Foundation {Part 2}


It’s no lie, makeup can cost a small fortune, however I do know that they are some things you don’t need to spend BIG MONEY on; I just don’t know what ones they’re #truestory. This is why today I ask the BEAUTY BUST! team to tell us the best affordable foundations. We’re talking good ‘ol drug store foundations that give a flawless finish.

I could go on, and on, and on, and talk about what I will be doing with the money saved, and also how fabulous it is to find a product that doesn’t cost me food from our mouths, but lets be honest, you already knew all this good stuff! Onto what you’re really hear from, the goods:



I believe that in your makeup bag, if there’s one place to spend a little extra money, it would be your foundation. It’s the product that you’re putting all over your face most days and you want it to be as perfect as possible!

I’m a huge fan of the HD Foundations by Make Up For Ever. They have a natural looking finish with a medium coverage and a wide range of colours suitable for most any skin tone. The tinted moisturizers by Paulas Choice are also a fabulous choice for someone who likes a light coverage- and they’re very affordable as well!  Really though, every woman has different skin with different needs so experiment! Ask for samples- Sephora is especially good at this. Did you know you can ask their associates to make you a sample of any product you’d like? Rumour has it, each customer is allowed 3 samples per visit! //visit jayna marie


Maybelline Fit me! foundations seemed to be the best drug store *fit* for me ;). I bought three different ones just for this Q & A and at around $7 from Target you can’t go wrong with this one! Coverage is medium, but build able. I love it because it’s affordable, a good colour match (even though it was a guess) feels good on, and looks great too! //visit jen


Right now, I’m loving NYX Stay Matte, Not Flat’ foundation. It has the full coverage I love to cover up the imperfections, but doesn’t feel like a mask. The best thing about it is that it’s available at London Drugs and is under $10! //visit l’nielle



My favorite affordable foundation would have to be by Rimmel, the lasting finish 25 hour foundation. I have been using it for years now. I swear by this amazing foundation in a tube that you can buy pretty much anywhere and is always under $10.00 and sometimes you get it for a really good deal on sale. I have tried countless foundations, expensive and not and this one is the best! Not only is it easy on your wallet, but every client I have used it on has adored the makeup after the application and I’ve had great feedback of it actually lasting. You can achieve any sort of coverage you want, sheer or full coverage and it is not heavy and gives a nice dewy healthy shine. Do yourself a favor and go try it or look it up, you will see the fantastic reviews. //visit ladee jadee


Next the BEAUTY BUST! girl share in the great debate, primer or no primer, that is the question!


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  1. I was waiting for this post too! Thanks for the affordable suggestions! One question I have is which one has the most colour options because my skin tone isn’t in the regular mould.

    • Ladee Jadee says:

      Hi Salma! Great question. I think your best bet would be going into Sephora and getting a few samples as Jayna Marie mentioned. Get them to put one on your skin and then wear it home. Sometimes after a few hours the makeup can look a bit different. Pick three that are the best match and don’t be afraid to mix them for your desired color if the one you originally tried wasn’t perfect. Some great brands are Nars and also Armani has great color selection. Hope this helps!

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