BEAUTY: MUST-HAVE Eyeshadows for Winter



I confess. I never wear eyeshadow. It scares me to say the least. Foundation, I can do, blush and mascara I’m great at, I’ve even learnt to perfect lipstick, but eyeshadow frightens me to no end. I will learn, for 2015, this will be a beauty goal of mine. Learn and perfect eyeshadow. For those of you who love playing with the shadow palette here is the must have eyeshadows for the winter:


My favourite eye shadow colours for winter can be found in the new makeup line by celebrity makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury. I simply love her Luxury Palette in “The Dulce Vita“. The colours are warm, blend beautifully and give the option for a little sparkle too. Perfection! //visit jayna marie


I don’t tend to change my colours that often, once I find ones that I love, I kind of stick to them and work with them season to season. With that being said, I’m going to choose one that happens to be my ‘go-to’ and it’s a brown one. I find it’s great for a smokey eye or just to use in the crease. It’s called ‘Mulch‘ in the velvet finish and it’s by MAC. //visit jen


Fall, winter, spring, summer… no matter what the season is, my GO-TO eye shadow palette is the Urban Decay naked basics pallet. I can create day, night, casual and glam looks with this one little guy. //visit l’nielle


I have a few staple colours I enjoy for winter when it comes to eyeshadows. My colour pallet would be coppers and browns with that nice hue of gold or champagne. This works on ALL eye colours and reminds me of all the beautiful leaves and colours of winter. This popular combo from Urban Decay Its everything you need in an eyeshadow pallet! //visit ladee jadee


Next week the BEAUTY BUST! Team is back sharing their must have brushes everyone should own!


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