BEAUTY: Primer or no Primer {Part 3}


Have you ever wondered if you’re missing out when you skip the primer? I know I have, and with all the affordable options out there I have no doubt come very close to buying some. Well, today’s’ your lucky day, wonder no more, I asked the BEAUTY BUST! team to help us answer the million dollar question, primer or no primer, and they came through in the largest way. Their thoughts, suggestions and of course affordable options if you so choose to hop on the primer bandwagon with me!


I’m all about prepping the skin properly to assure a more beautiful, long-lasting makeup. I don’t, however, agree with using extra products just for the heck of it. Get to know your skin and then choose your prep accordingly.  If you feel you have large pores, you may want to start your makeup with a pore-smoothing primer. If you have concerns about shine, try a shine control primer. If your skin tends to look dry or you’re concerned about fine lines, then plump it up as much as you can with a rich moisturizer and a primer on top. //visit jayna marie


Yes! Whether it be for filling in fine lines, blurring the look of pores or just for the longevity of your makeup, definitely don’t miss this step. I personally like Laura Mercier’s Radiance for normal to dry skin, and Benefit’s POREfessional for oily skin. //visit jen


YES primer! What’s one extra small step in the morning to keep you looking your best for the rest of the day?! //visit l’nielle


This is a big question I hear often. I like primer but I don’t always need to use it. I prefer it when I know I am going out for a long night or to an event or a wedding on a hot day and I need reinforcement to keep my makeup in one place. There are many different kinds of primers out there, so I say find what works best for your skin. If you are in need of something to make you matte or less oily then a mattifying primer may be right for you, or if you are dry use a really good moisturizer and a more shiner primer. My favorite primer is by Guerlain, Meteorites Light-Defusing Perfecting Primer. It is a bit on the pricey side but is worth every penny. Also, you only use a pearl drop each time and a little goes a long way so it will last. This will give you an amazing finish and I recommend it highly.//visit ladee jadee



Next, the BEAUTY BUST! girl share just how to find the perfect shade foundation for your skin!


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