Best Gift I Got This Holiday Season; A VIRUS

The headache, the scratchy throat, the body aches, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The first signs that the next 72 hours of your life are going to consist of struggles from moving from the couch to the kitchen. Yes my friends, I, along with many others I’m sure, got sick over the holidays, and sadly it was the best gift I’ve got all year. WHY?! Because it had me slow-the-heck-down and take a breather from life. The life of working online, holiday shopping with a toddler in tow, the “to-do” list that was so long it actually terrified me, all of these things it took away in a matter of moments. I was resting on the couch, clutching to only the things that really mattered, my baby, and liquids, lots and lots of liquids.

Too many of us let life take over, and never actually slow down for a moment to see all the amazing memories and moments happening right in front of our eyes. It took a virus to stop me,  what will it take to stop you? Hopefully this post…

HEY YOU! Stop and look at what’s around you, it’s pretty fabulous isn’t it? Enjoy it while it lasts. That kitchen you left in a muck, yah, you can clean it later, it isn’t going anywhere! That Christmas gift that needs wrapping, yah, it’ll still be there tonight, so wrap it then! And that blog post your ichin’ to write, you know the one, it can wait, we can wait, enjoy the time you have with family RIGHT NOW!

Although I was forced into making the most of my downtime I had over the holidays, make yours a little more enjoyable, minus the snot rags and couch syrup. You got that?! Go have fun, because before you know it, Christmas will be over and you’ll have to enjoy it through the images and video someone else took that enjoyed the moment when it actually happened. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so go, get off your computer,  and enjoy, everything!

BUT WAIT!?! Don’t forget to come back on Saturday, after you’re all shopped out {oh boxing day, how we love you}, I have a “It’s a New Year” series spanning 4 days that you’re not going to wanna miss. Sharing the best apps and products to keep you motivated on your new years goals, to printables for the home to keep you inspired, and of course my reasoning behind why I quit the Kardashians for 2015! xxoo


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