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It’s that time of year again lovelies. A time where we all over-eat, over-spend, and over-drink to the point of making foolish online purchases of livestock . Luckily it only happens once a year, and come January, we will all be well into a new diet plans, a strict monthly budget, and new promises to ourselves to never drink rum again. 

I hope today I am able to enlighten you all with some of my very favorite places to shop online, helping all you ladies out there who, like me, spend more than what’s available to us during the Christmas Season. I honestly can say that I have switched to shopping mostly online vs instore this holiday season and couldn’t be more happy. I find am able to scope out far better prices than I get while walking in a store, and the fact that I can do this while in my pajamas is always a major bonus. May I leave you with ONE piece of advice. Before you ever click “place order” at any online retailer, ALWAYS, always, look for coupon codes via google or your favorite search engine. You can almost always get free shipping or up to 30% off your purchase. It never hurts to check. If you’re just not sure, pop by the Little Miss Mama Fan Page and leave a message asking for Coupon Codes for the retailer you are shopping at. I’ll do my best to find you something. 

So without further or-do, here are my TOP places to shop online this Holiday Season:

Fashion & Home Decor
Beyond the Rack – Invite Online Designer Retailer {invite here}
HauteLook – Invite Only Online Designer Retailer {invite here}
Old Navy – Affordable and fun basic fashion pieces {canadian website | us website}
Forever21 – Affordable, trendy and bold fashion and accessories {canadian website | us website}
ETSY – Custom and unique pieces made to order {website here
Ebay – Affordable fashion, brand new and pre-loved {website here}
6pm – Designer shoes, clothes, bags and accessories all discounted {website here}

Toys r’ us – Infant & children toys {canadian website | us website}
Ebay – New and pre-loved toys {website here}
ETSY – Fabulous children’s stocking stuffer ideas (website here}
Chapters Indigo – Fun and educational toys & books {website here}
Zulily – Infant & children designer toys and fashion {invite here}

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