Challenge Accepted #StyledByLumia

#StyledByLumia Challenge
Equipped with a Nokia Lumia 635 and a $200 budget, put together affordable ensembles with the help of your cell phone

DayONE IMG_1331-11

Target for me is one of those stores that’s a no-brainer. Always the first place I hit and usually a total success. Although I left empty handed, I left with direction and ideas; I knew I wanted to play with more jewel tones for fall, I needed a fur vest that was flattering {not an easy task for a curvy woman}, and I wanted knits, lots and lots of cozy knits. Target was not a lost cause, I gained a whole lot of inspiration that I took with me on days 2 and 3 of my #StyledByLumia Challenge.

//buy the knit vest here for $29 and the camo sweater here for $19


STORYTELLER// For me, taking pictures while in the change room is a absolute must. It’s a great way that I can look back at the shopping day, and most importantly the items I chose to leave behind. Come the evening I’m usually second guessing my decisions, so with images like these they either reiterate the reason I’ve left the store without them, or they firm up what I’m doing first thing tomorrow morning when their doors re-open. The Lumia 635’s Storyteller allows me to turn my days images into a short video put to music; it’s a very simple feature, but one I found to be very convenient in so many aspects of life. Naturally, shopping is one of them, but also as a SAH mom, it allowed me to send cute videos with ease to Sammy while he’s hard at work. Take a few shots, open your storyteller program, chose the images you want to set to music, and send; takes 2 minutes out of my day and make a world of difference in his.

DayTWO IMG_1333-1 IMG_1336-11

Oh, Old Navy, how I love you so! Buying half of everything I tried on, I would say that was a good shopping day. Sofia and I headed out on day 2 of our #StyledByLumia Challenge after Cortana reminded me of Old Navy’s sale. You see one of the fabulous features the Nokia Lumia 635 has is a built in personal assistant, Cortana. You can ask her to do almost anything including reminding you about special events, errands, and even grocery lists items you’d hate to forget when you’re nearing the store. I can’t tell you how helpful this was, especially when I almost missed this sale at Old Navy a few weeks back. Just to give you a heads up however, don’t bother asking her about making dinner or folding laundry; she shut me down on the request.

//buy the plaid shirt here on sale for $13.99, and the quilted vest here on sale for $25


LOCATION TEXT// Oh but wait! Another amazing feature that the Lumia 635 offers is a chauffeur that you can send to your besties. Seriously! After the ridiculous haul at Old Navy, I called on Lindsay to have lunch and gush over all the deals I snagged. I sent her a little text hoping to catch her hook-line-and-sinker for a late lunch out. When she agreed I whipped out my fancy chauffeur, Gunther, sending her navigational direction to exactly where I was at. I think it goes with saying she was a bit impressed by Gunther; her and I both!

DayTHREE IMG_1393-1 IMG_1401-11 IMG_1395-1

Our day 3 shop at H&M was longer than desires, if you ask Sofia Marie. The change rooms there are quaint and therefore make for a interesting game of human tetris within them. We did however make it work and walked out with 2 of my favorite purchased in the #StyledByLumia Challenge. A floral tee that was almost left behind {#fallflorals for the win} and a tunic that will pair perfectly with literally everything I own. H&M took the final pennies of my challenge budget and I couldn’t have been more happy to end the day off there.

//buy the plaid shirt here for $29, and the floral tee here for $14.


CORTANA// She’s always there when you need her, and never there when you don’t. Giving you directions when you’re in a pinch, taking into consideration real-time traffic and road issues, reminding you the important things like telling your bestie about the 60% off sale at Old Navy the next time she calls or texts you, or finding the perfect restaurant based on your +1 who’s 3 and has a bad case of the hangries, including making the phone call for a reservation, and what I most recently learnt, she can also offer style advice. While we stood in the change room at H&M I was second guessing my choice of the floral tee I had fallen in love with. Florals for Fall, does that happen? Or am I trying to coax Spring over to the dark side. Since I’m testing the Nokia Lumia 635 out to it’s fullest potential, I thought I’d try and see if she could offer me some style advice. I asked Cortana “show me fall fashion with florals” and she came through in the best sorta’ way. She showed me current images of people styling florals for Fall; I was convinced she was right and the shirt was coming home with me.

Disclosure :: I received a Nokia Lumia phone to try, as well as compensation to facilitate my challenge budget, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. That’s awesome that the Nokia Lumina 65 can help you with so much!! Plus, love all the outfits you got at such great deals!

  2. What an awesome app and an awesome challenge!! Love everything you bought, that flora top is so cool and I can’t wait to see it on you. Love that plaid top…need to get to Old Navy!! Sofia so so cute!

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