Curvy Girls Summer Fashion

Fashion isn’t always fun. When you’re dressing curves you’re often confronted with many change room visits to merely leave with one piece for your wardrobe that would suffice. Most clothing on the market is made for a demographic that is far less curvacious, until of course you do your research and find companies and designers that focus on curvy woman. Then life changes and your seeing rainbows and cupcakes again.
I personally find Summer one of the more difficult seasons to dress my curves. When fashion tends to go the direction of less material more skin, I panic. This is a territory I have yet to venture in, one I feel I would no regret taking. However this Summer I’m happy to say I have found a brilliant amount of pieces that I can work into an entire Summer wardrobe. From cap or sleeve-less peplum tops, to midi skirts, and maxi dresses, to patterns like stripes, polka dots and florals, to tan enhancing colors like Neon and White. This Summer is one I have been looking forward to dressing.

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Do you find Summer difficult to style? Tell me lovelies, what are some of your favorite trends for Summer?


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