Why Disneyland is MORE than magical for kids!

So this morning my news feed lit-up with tagged images and videos, connecting me to Johnny Depp. Although a fabulous connection to have (Hello! Mr. Depp) my friends and family knew I needed to hear the news. As he has been known to do, Johnny Depp surprised Disneyland guests by putting himself INSIDE the Pirates of the Caribbean ride surprising all that rode it yesterday (see it here)! What an experience eh? 

WE MISSED HIM by 10 days!
I mean, HE MISSED ME by 10 days (too bad for him, he’ll be losing sleep over this one tonight)!

After reading the articles I was tagged in I got to see some video clips from riders in Disneyland and I got crazy excited; WHAT FUN! I would’ve lost it… likely stayed quiet and just filmed in awe, but at this moment let’s just say I would’ve screamed like a crazy person. 

Sofia asked me this morning what all the excitement was about, and I began to tip-toe around explaining that the real Jack Sparrow was in the ride yesterday surprising people. I didn’t wan’t to ruin any future excitement of the ride for her… but then I thought to myself, how can I explain it to her where she will understand the excitement of seeing a real life actor or celebrity…

Sofia, it’s like seeing Mickey Mouse, it’s like meeting Ariel and Snow White in person…
That’s when it hit me… HOLY EFF you guys, Disneyland for kids is more than just rides and family fun… is like a huge party full of your most favorite celebrities walking around shaking your hand, getting their autographs and taking pictures with them! It also sheds some more light on why some kids are so weary of meeting all these characters, I mean that could be pretty nerve wracking. I mean throw BRAD PITT in line at Starbucks and likely you wouldn’t catch me making small talk with him, I may however sneak a selfie with the back of his head and RUN!

You guys, I knew Disneyland was magical for kids, but it wasn’t until I looked at it this way that it HIT ME! I can’t wait to get there and watch her eyes light up this time, it’s going to resonate with me so much more now. 


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