DIY 52 Reasons I Love You

I honestly don’t think their is ANY better gift, than a home-made gift. You’re talking to a girl who if actually obsessed over her Clothing, Purses, Shoes, and Accessories, and still I’d say the best gifts I have ever gotten are hand made. Their is just something about telling someone you love them, or that you are thinking about them, with an honest, straight from the heart, crafted gift. A Gift that you created just for them, and thought about them all while you were creating. 

For my husbands birthday I made him a little reminder that he can take everywhere he goes. Small enough to fit in his pocket but grand enough to cure a sad thought. I created 52 reasons why I love him, writing them all out on a deck of cards. A sweet little gift that was fun to make, very affordable {at $3}, and meant the world to him. Was so fun to watch him read and share tears over forgotten memories together. Was exactly what the both of us needed. 

Here is how you can make your own:

Purchase a Deck of Cards and measure out on each card exactly where you want to punch the holes. Measuring is very important. although very time consuming it will allow the deck to completely match up when it in his/her hands. Punch out all your little holes *throws confetti above in celebration* and then matching all the cards up bind them with 2 rings. I purchased mine at the dollar store, just a simple ring will do just fine. Then I got sticker paper and cut out different shaped squares and rectangles {giving me larger spaces to write more and small spaces to write little love notes}. 

This DIY is a fabulous idea for the Holidays. A brilliant stocking stuffer that your hubby will just go crazy for. It’s really that simple, and trust me something so simple like this, can and will mean the world to those who you give it to. I know mine did.

Lovelies, if you make one for your lovers, please, share pictures on the Little Miss Mama Facebook Fan Page. I just love hearing about love stories!

I have entered into a contest that I think you’re going to want to as well. All you DIY’ers out there, get your glue guns warmed, your craft tables clear, and your sewing machines plugged in… create, design or craft something on your blog/site and enter here giving you a chance to win a KitchenAid Mixer from I’d say their is no better gift for the holidays than a gift to yourself. TeeHee – Can you tell I’m the youngest of three? Even at 30, I carry the mentality, of what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine. 

If you are not going to enter – and love my take on a Holiday Gift DIY for the lover in your lives, then pop on over to their site, with the “vote for me” button below, and vote for moi! AND since I already have my very own KitchenAid Mixer, THIS IS THE BEST PART, I’ll host a GIVEAWAY on Little Miss Mama, if I win, giving you the chance to win the mixer I win. MAKE SENSE?!?! A Win Win for everyone. 


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