DIY Festive Photobooth

Merry Christmas Eve Lovelies…
After figuring out our Chosen Family Christmas Dinner would be hosting at our house yet another year, I decided to step my game up. I naturally would have to out-do myself from the previous year to make it not so mundane. right?!  I had decided on a photobooth to be the feature of the night. Open all evening for anyone… and there babes, to go in and get a little silly. 

My inspiration for the props came from Pinterest {find me on pinterest here}. And by inspiration, I actually mean that’s where I found them, and printed them off. Thanks to “Oh Happy Day” who designed these props and was so very gracious to put them online for all of us to print ourselves {want them? here you go!}. I could have printed them at home, but I decided to send them off to be printed on a hard card stock, saving myself having to mount them onto something later. So once they were printed, I cut them out and glued them all to small dowels.

The photobooth frame was next, I build this from 2 poster boards and popsicle sticks, both found at my local dollar store. I glued the poster boards together, making one large rectangle. I then continued to cut out the centre to make a the shape like a picture frame. Since the card-stock was not sturdy enough to hold it own, I them glued popsicle sticks to the back, touching from end to end, so that it would form a wooden structure and hang flat, without bowing or sagging in along the top and bottom. Hung it from the ceiling and called it a night. 

I can’t begin to tell you how a simple photobooth, including silly props can do to the atmosphere of any party. If you have been looking for something to incorporate into your next event, let it be a free standing photobooth. I promise the images you will capture will be priceless. 


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