DIY Jewellery Stand

Came across these absolutely gorgeous Jewellery/Makeup Stands, here and here, on Pinterest and it had me thinking. I could totally pull this off, creating some sorta class in our micro-mini ensuite that my hubby and I have yet to renovate. It’s really the only thing in our house that still stuck in the 80’s. Due to the lack-of-counter space we have in the bathroom it always looks as though I’ve come in like a hurricane and left makeup, jewels, and hair accessories all over the place. Maybe if I had a special, fancy, royal-like place to put my “stuff” I would want to keep it looking nice. Time will tell. 

Costing me a whole $5, I’d say this was a pretty successful DIY. Wouldn’t you lovelies agree?

…round up all your helpers. This DIY is an easy one, so all can get involved. 


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