DIY: Mirrored Vase


Rather simple to make,  yet leaves an impression on anyone that catches its shimmer as they pass by. One of my favorite DIY’s to date, this little mirrored vase leaves me feeling all fancy inside. Looks like it may have cost me a small fortune, yet in actuality it was a mere $6 and about 20 minutes of me time.  Light reflects so brilliantly off this wee little vase it’s just my absolute favorite piece going right now. Until I can get my hands on some more mirrored squares and fanci-fy something else with a flat surface. Until then, this little mirrored vase has my heart.

mirrored tiles
vase {flat surfaces only}
glue gun

1. measure out your tiles. the worst thing is to start a project with a beautiful outcome in mind, and to bugger it up thanks to poor planning. measuring the tiles out will ensure even gaps between your tiles.
2. once you know where they are going it’s simple. warm up your glue gun and go to town.
3. clean with a window or screen cloth and display with pride



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  1. This is so pretty and clever…just like your blog!


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