DIY Paper Cube Garland

Saw this DIY on Wit & Whistle and couldn’t stop myself from making it in the same evening I spotted it. I originally used paper that I have kicking around from my scrap booking days. However once I plugged in a few to “glow test”, I realized the colors were just too strong and the paper was just far too thick to really see the light shining through. Dragged the hubby and Sofia to Michaels Crafts that evening and picked up 20 sheets of frosted/transparent paper that worked like magic. Literally when they are turned on, the lights are low, it’s snowing on Christmas morning magical. I just love them. 

Wit & Whistle’s picture tutorial was fabulous {check it out here}, however I did find I had some troubles folding the cubes when I got to steps 11 through 13. In case anyone else had some difficulties, I’ve made a video tutorial. This way not only can you see how to actually do each and every step, but you can pause it and laugh at my weak little pansy hands whom after 20 Paper Cubes got a tab bit cut and sore {don’t worry I have it bandaged up}. Seriously, you’d think they have never worked a day in their lives or something.

Note: at the end of the video when I magically make the folded paper turn into a pillowy cube, I blow in the end with the hole in it. Puff in it a few times, not too hard however, the paper is still very fragile, until it fills out. In the same whole you blow you pop in your lights from the garland. 

I hope you are not put off by the “hard work” and you hire some help. Husbands work great I found. If you can coax them with baking {or something else they can’t live without} I promise you they will help. 


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  1. This looks beautiful and I’m so excited to try it out! Thanks for posting 🙂

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