DIY Pinecone Fire Starters

When you have as awesome neighbours as I do, you will think up the best stuff to make for them during the holidays. We are lucky to have the type of neighbours that will invite you in for tea when you lock yourself out. Or the ones that will knock on your door to let you know you garden looks gorgeous. Even the ones that bring you over baking. Seriously, we struck it rich when we moved into our home 4 years ago, we are extremely spoiled in the neighbourly department. 

Stumbled across this sweet DIY and knew it was the perfect accompaniment to the Christmas Baking I was going to shower my neighbour with. Nothing better than cuddling up to the fire, sipping on Hot Chocolate while over indulging in sweets that you didn’t even have to slave over. RIGHT? Since my neighbours have a wood burning fireplace, I knew I had to get straight to work to get them done before the chilly weather had departed. This DIY is uber easy, yet means so much as they know it came from the heart. 

Tell me lovelies, what are some fun neighbourly gifts you DIY during this time of year?
First you’ll need a Cupcake Tin, Cupcake Liners, Pinecones, and none-scented Tealights. Fill you Cupcake Tins with 2 Cupcake Liners each. Remove the wick from each of the candles and put 2 candles in each liner. Pop them into an oven set to broil and watch them closely. Pull them out as soon as they are almost all melted. 

Once they are out, leave them to slightly cool, so you don’t walk away with any burns. Place a single Pinecone in each candle Cupcake and let sit until it starts to go less and less transparent. At this time gather you wicks and place 1 in each Pinecone Cupcake. As close to the Pinecone as you can, as the purpose is for the Pinecone to catch fire. Once they are entirely cooled, remove the liners and package up to give. 


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