DIY: Rustic Placemats


Remember when I told you I wasn’t done with D-C-Fix products? Well I’m not, it’s versatility is to blame, whomever said it was only for your windows, floors and furniture was wrong. I take that only as a suggestion, as for me the skies the limits when it comes to do-it-yourself projects, pinterest is a mere springboard. Feeling inspired to make something with a cabin chic vibe for our home, I came up with these placemats. You must’of seen my sneak peek last week on Instagram? What a jerky move ‘eh? Well the wait is over, time to start eating cleaner, and I don’t mean a sugarless diet and a morning green juice, NOPE… Let there be placemats!

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I’m finding myself shopping more than usual these days, the season of giving will do that to you (no complaints here) but when I stumbled across these cheap foam placemats for a buck, I couldn’t help myself. Bought 6 and ran home with only one thing in mind… MUST! MAKE! BEAUTIFUL! THINGS!

It took me literally 3 minutes to make 1 placemat and the results are genius! I gave myself a pat on the back for this one and a gold metal for D-C-Fix for making such a wicked versatile product. Don’t worry peeps, we’re not done yet, still another DIY coming, and this one, OH this one, it’s MIND BLOWING!

IMG_7256 IMG_7264 IMG_7260IMG_721012IMG_7283 IMG_7302

Disclosure:: We did receive product to compile our post, however the opinions are completely my own.


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  1. Cool! I love how simple this looks. The texture is nice.

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