DIY Sofia’s Night Stand

My husband and I have been keeping our eye open for some unique idea for a Night Stand for Baby Sofia. I had many idea’s in mind including a Tree Stump, a stack of Books all the way to Fake Hedge. However nothing we could agree on – or find. 

Sunday afternoon Sammy and I hit Home Sense to see what new stock they had – and also because we saw LARGE SIGNS as we passed saying Renovation Clearance Items. When I see the word Sale or Clearance I never pass it by. A horrible horrible habit I have. 

Once we got inside we got our Creative Juices flowing {and by this I mean I did, while Sammy carried things for me from one area to the next}. I came across this really neat outdoor Lantern, made of wood and twigs, twisted and turned, lightly glazed over with a golden paint. I loved it. I made Sammy carry this around until I could find something that we could stack on top to fit a Lamp and anything else cute that people put on Night Stands. 

After a little more hunting we found a Vintage looking Leather Book. Super heavy, durable and of course large enough. I had Sammy stack the two on top of one another and we both stood back to see. Would this work? Would it be just what we were not looking for? It sure was!!!
We both loved it and my mind started to wonder on just what I was going to put in the inside glass cylinder which was meant for a candle. Buttons…..Tea Cups…..Yarn……Jewels?!?! Moss of course. A Moss nest with a white Porcelain Bird, matching her Crib and Mobile. Now that it’s complete, I couldn’t imagine anything else in its place. PERFECTION.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    SO CUTE! Love the little bird in the nest–twisted twigs very appropriate… and the book is incredible!!!! (what is the book about?). Great job again Little Mama.

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