DIY: Superhero Playdate {Mama & Me Craft}


Did you see our superhero playdate I posted on our Facebook page earlier this week? We’ve been planning this for quite sometime, ever since Sofia has grown a “thing” for superheros. It was all quite random as we’ve never watched anything superhero related, but I know it came hand in hand with all this imagination play she has been about these days. I love every second of it, her mind wanders in the most magical and creative ways, it really takes me down a notch when I see her playing like this; a great reminder we were all kids once, life doesn’t always have to be so high stress.

Sammy and I get dragged into her worlds ever single day, from playing doctor to her dolls, to capturing zoo animals from escaping, her mind works so quickly, and always in a “saving” mode. Save the puppies, save the zoo animals, save the baby, help! save! rescue! I like where her imagination goes, and I can’t help but this this can only mean good things for the future, such a loving soul.

Crafting Felt
Crafting Felt & Foam {ideally reverse side has a sticker film}
Stretchy Crafting String

I did everything free hand, sorry no templates here, I used a piece of chalk to draw out where we wanted the cape length and size based on the child {we had it hit the backs of their knees in length}. Cut the cape out, attached velcro to the neck ties and let them get to it. We were lucky enough to find felt and foam that doubled as a sticker, this way we didn’t have to pull out glue {for obvious reason this was the best thing ever}. My girlfriend cut out shapes and lightening bolts as I manned the table of superheros, ensuring they were happy with their individual decorating bowls and thirst levels.

Next, I free-handed a mask for them each and tied it back with stretchy crafting string. Honestly I didn’t think Sofia would wear her’s as she get’s all shy and silly about these things, but low and behold she didn’t take it off for hours. They spent the afternoon working together saving the elephants from the zoo, catching silly wiggly monkeys and getting them in their cages, and of course herding the giraffes back to the zoo and stopping them from stealing figs from the fig tree; those pesky little thieves!

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