Dramatic Reactions from a Toddler

…okay sweetheart, it’s time to come inside now…

I find myself, every sun shiny day, trying to coax Sofia Marie inside with things like “it’s time for num-nums”, “but don’t you want moo-moo”, and “come on Sofia, it’s time to get cozy for night-night”. Other than sounding like an echoing moron {note to self: work on better words for food, milk, and bed}, I guess I could make playing outside not as fun, somehow, avoiding this type of disappointment when we are forced indoors…. but why!

Here is how I like look at it. Although I am sure it’s quite irritating for our neighbors, at least my child has a strong passion for something this early on in life. She loves being outdoors so dearly, it hurts her inside when she must say goodbye. Sofia Marie is only 18 months, so verbal communication isn’t quite fine-tuned enough to be able to explain that she will return. It does hurt to see her upset, but at the same time it also makes me proud to know that my baby girl, at only 547 days old, has a passion so strong she will fight for it.

As we get closer and closer to 24 months, and the stereotypical “terrible two’s”, I must remind myself that these outbursts will soon come to an end. Once I am able to reason with her, life won’t seem all that unfair anymore for Sofia. I will no longer be the one who removes her from all the fun, but the one who takes her from one passion to the next. 

Tell me lovelies, am I the only one who gets this teary reaction to coming indoors?


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