Emma Stones Spiderman Red Carpet Looks

Emma Stone looked uniquely gorgeous in each and every outfit she chose during her Red Carpet walks all around the world, while promoting her new movie The Amazing Spiderman. Not one outfit is similar, but each and everyone of them suited her and the country she was in. Whether the fashionable brilliance is coming from her or her stylist, I tip my hat to them! Although tough to chose, I’d have to say my favorite Emma Stone Red Carpet look would have to be either #4 the Emilio Pucci Dress she wore to the Moscow Premiere or #5 the Elie Saab Jumpsuit she wore to the UK Premiere. 

What was your favorite Emma Stone Red Carpet look?


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  1. I would agree for sure with #4 and #5 those are REALLY lovely. I think her most unflattering was #7… and she doesn’t look like she is enjoying it either lol.

  2. Love her look in the 5th picture but I’m really not digging her blonde hair! I miss her red hair!!

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