FAMILY: 1,095 days past

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Sofia turns three on Monday.

….honestly, how does that happen? We’ve had 1,095 days with her, we’ve had 26,280 hours with her, we’ve had 1,576,800 minutes with her as our little baby girl. We’ve cried together, laughed together, sang together, danced together, fought, hugged, kissed… Motherhood has been the most difficult agreement I’ve ever made; funny though how’s it by far the most rewarding. Some days are good, some days less than good, but each day ends with me thinking about her sweet little face, her little tiny voice, her larger than life attitude, and I smile.

This kid, she makes my world go around, and although it’ one a wild ride; I’ll gladly sit in this motherly seat and soak it all in! I’m lucky…


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