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I love our Christmas traditions, they’ve been this way since Sammy and I started dating and I don’t foresee it changing ever. We spend the night at my parents house on Christmas Eve, the plan is always a low-key but uber fun evening of take-out, we play games, we watch movies, we prepare the house for the jolly mans arrival and we try to get some sleep. 

This year we ordered in greek food, we played Kerplunk, we platted the very best treats for Santa and his reindeer and after Sofia was tucked into bed we watched a classic Christmas movie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (because of course).

As a few of us were battling a horrible cold (seriously, nothing is more cruel than getting sick on Christmas Eve) some of us stayed in bed, while the others who were not so down-and-out took the overly excited little downstairs to see if we all stayed off the naughty list. Thankfully Santa doesn’t sneak around on the parents watching their every move, he had come and gone leaving behind a very special gift for Sofia Marie while eating and drinking nearly everything we set out for him and the reindeer’s. 

Sofia got exactly what she asked Santa for, Chubby Puppies, including everything else you saw on the shelves at Toys r’ Us marked FurReal. Sounds like a joke, but seriously, it seems like that’s all she gravitates towards, that or the makers behind FurReal consult my daughter before they make the next hot toy. 

The entire family eventually all ended up under one roof, my parents house, we enjoyed opening more gifts, playing more games, and eating, lots and lots of eating! Another successful Christmas!


HOW WAS your Christmas holiday? Did you get what you asked for, or did you buy it yourself on boxing day?


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  1. shannon grochowski says:

    Our Christmas was very low key! Exactly what I needed this year. I got many things that were on my list, including tickets to The Price is Right!! Childhood dream right there!

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