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Dear Sofia:

Today was another one of those “whoa-kid slow down” kind of days. We went to the PNE and not only did you conquer your fears of going on amusement park rides, but you did a few on your own. You ran to your first ride with ease, I’m almost sure I carried enough anxiety for the both of us, I wanted this lead-up to go smooth. We got to the line just as they were loading on,  no wait {thank goodness}, on we went, and up we went. Your smile started off skeptical and weary, but after I looked as you with a unnatural amount of excitement, you couldn’t agree more this was one of the best days of your life.  Your daddy and I beyond words, so proud, elated actually. You know why were so excited about this, and no, it’s not because this gives us the “green light” to book Disneyland for next year {this is however the very first thing you daddy and I spoke about after getting back on solid ground}, it means we’ve done something right, you’re growing up. It means you’ve trusted in us and yourself enough to tackle a fear very early on in life, together, as a family. You did it and you did it with such style and grace, the giggles, the royal waves, and the cheesy-grins you give to appease my horrible paparazzi habits. Sofia, this makes us so happy, we cried tears of joy that day baby girl. Your dad and I are so very proud of you.

Love, Mommy

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  1. This post brought happy tears to my eyes. They grow up much too fast but is it ever incredible to see.

    Bring on Disney!

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