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I honestly can’t even begin to tell you just how amazing this place is, Kidtropolis, and this is why I knew I would have to take a ton of pictures to get the point across. Not only a kids dream but any parent who encourages imagination play and those parents who want to keep their kids little for as long as possible. 

Ever since hearing about Kidtropolis hitting Richmond I knew it would a) be a place we would frequent and b) a reason I would nail down the perfect times to drive while dealing with rush-hour. This place is packed with hours and hours and hours of fun imaginative play for kids any age really; my goodness even myself and friend, Jen got in on the action. Our girls were there nearly 4 hours and we coulda’ lasted another 4, easily!

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Picture this, a mini sized town including Pet Hospital, Grocery Store, Police Station, Fire Hall, Restaurant, Gas Station, Outdoor Theatre and so much more. Anything and everything a child would need to play out a day in the life of a kidult (see what I did there). From heading to the grocery store, picking up dinner for the night, to going outside in their garden and pulling carrots to being an acting Police Officer and throwing someone in the slammer to our favorite being a Post Lady for the day and delivering all the mail to those that live in the town. This place is all things I dreamt of as a kid and even more wanted for Sofia as an adult. 

We’ve been once, and heading back again later this week, I can tell you this won’t be the last trip to Kidtropolis for us. We want to bring all our friends, even if that means one at a time (twist our rubber arms)!

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  1. Farin Meralli says:

    What day and time do you suggest going where it’s not terribly busy?

    • Tairalyn says:


      I would say weekday mornings and afternoons are probably the least busy, as well as a warm sunny day (people usually like to be outside). Maybe if you want to avoid big crowds, luck we did, don’t go on rainy days, or weekends 🙂


  2. So a few questions. How will it look when it’s crazy busy like Jungle Jacs can get, and no kid is putting away the clothes? I would be sceptical of letting my kids put on hats that other kids have been wearing. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Tairalyn says:

      The weekdays have been quite quiet so I’m just not sure how things look or get when it’s nuts like that. However when we were there, they had staff walking around putting clothing back where they needed to go, bringing the delivered mail back to the post office for someone else to do, and even tidying things up like washing windows etc.

      You don’t HAVE to let your kids put on any of the gear, naturally you have your own comforts, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask how often they wash their dress up stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was every night to be honest!


  3. Andrew Mar says:

    Hello, great question. I would like to help answer that question about the cleanliness at Kidtropolis. We strive to keep our facility as clean as possible and sanitize regularly during the day every day as much as we can. We rotate and wash most of the hats and uniforms daily and inspect and replace when necessary..

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