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Granville Island is one of those places you just must do when you’re in town and the weather is cooperating. Even though it’s a total tourist attraction, the fact alone that is jam-packed of locals means it’s not just a facade. While I love the live entertainment around every corner, Sofia would fight me on that being the best thing the market has to offer. She’s pretty smitten with the outdoor park, water slide {which run May 17th to September 1st} and children’s market which has literally everything a child would need to function day to day {toys, clothing, candy, and a indoor play centre}. I for one love the local artisans around every corner, the smell of fresh baked goods, the desserts that look too good to eat, and the flowers, OHH THE FLOWERS. Granville Island is absolutely a place that dishes out something for all your senses.

Although Sofia and I spend nearly every day together, this one would be extra special. We had not one reason to be there, no errands planned and nothing set on the itinerary, just to go and have fun. We arrived by boat, because that’s half the fun, you can drive straight to Granville Island but arriving by water is far more fancy. We hopped on the adorable false creek ferry at the Olympic Village and it got us to the island in about 15 minutes. We headed straight inside the main market to get a few muffins and some juice to share at the park, as per the little miss’s request. We ate, we played, and ate some more; we pretty much concurred the park before noon. We then headed into the children’s market, because we were going where little feet took us, and…. played some more. As we felt our tummies grumble we headed back into the main market where we eyed up every fruit pyramid and chocolatly dessert we would allow our eyes to feast on, we grabbed some sweets from the Candy Kitchen, some fresh baked goodies from Terra Breads, and a piping hot cup of tea from Granville Island Tea Company, because of course. By 2pm we headed back to the ferry dock, snacked on our purchases and boated back to the less fun form of transportation, an SUV. What a day, what a daughter, I’m so stinkin’ lucky!


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