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Have you heard? Our house is under construction again! Yup, you got that right, under construction, dust is everywhere and our basement is riddled with the last bits of this 30 year old home. What does this mean for Sofia and I, it means it’s best we are our of harms way during the day, but we must be back by lunch to feed the crew. You see, the crew I speak of is a small two man crew. Two of the most important men in my life, my dad and my husband! They are busting their balls to make this dream happen for us. As much as I hate to see the wood paneling walls go and how badly I’ll miss doing laundry on a concrete floor, it must get done.

So what does one do during the day to keep a toddler amused… the park of course! On days that the sun comes out, but most days it’s indoor play parks, malls, toy stores, grocery storesĀ and even odd places like Home Depot. Seriously, if you could see this kid when she is down their with the boys, hammering scrap wood laying around, screwing loose screw into random holes in the walls, I figure a home renovation store should be just as fun as say, Disneyland?! No?

What do you do with your children when it’s best to be out of the house for the day?


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  1. Love her cute little faces she is making!!! xoxo

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